Circular Governance in Maribor

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Veerle Labeeuw

The WCYCLE Maribor project is about an innovative urban circular economy system, offering a new business and economic model for the city in the field of efficient resource management. It complements the principles of sustainable mobility and the co-operative economy.

In 2017, five utility companies from Maribor established the WCYCLE Institute for circular economy. It serves as a platform for cross-sector project development and for the exchange of knowledge and good practices at local, regional and international level. Subsequently, the City Council approved a city circular economy strategy prepared by WCYCLE.

Various local stakeholders have been included in project activities in order to support citizens' initiatives. The implementation of these projects is also leading to new jobs. Public events are being organised in order to promote the circular economy.

Supporting entrepreneurs and innovation includes the implementation of several EU projects with a range of stakeholders. The activities are shared on EU web platforms in order to transfer knowledge.

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  1. Establishing the WCYCLE Institute as a City Hub for circular economy was a first step towards implementing a strategy for transition to circular economy in Maribor.
  2. In preparing this strategy, an action plan was developed that listed 20 cross-sector projects based on the principles of circular economy.
  3. Implementation of these action plan projects will be the key challenge for the future. Work will be continued on transferring knowledge in order to speed up the transition to circular economy.