Crush Cocoa - a new ecological paper from cocoa beans

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In line with a circular economy strategy, the company Favini and chocolatiers Domori have collaborated in the development of an industrial symbiosis system to produce the ecological paper Crush Cocoa from cocoa processing waste. The by-products used are the skins of the cocoa beans, which is one of the waste products created during the processing of chocolate.

In cocoa processing, the beans are fermented, dried, cleaned, roasted and then decorticated. The last step separates the skin from the “naked” bean, called the grain. The grain is crushed in a machine built with granite stones and milled, passing from solid to liquid state: cocoa butter is obtained, the main ingredient of chocolate.

During these transformation processes of the bean into cocoa butter and the subsequent processes to produce chocolate, waste is generated. The processing residues are the skins of the cocoa beans, which are recovered and upgraded by Favini, following the principles of circular economy, to become a sustainable raw material for the production of Crush Cocoa paper.

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The result of an industrial symbiosis between Domori and Favini, Crush Cocoa is an innovative paper produced by elevating waste material into valuable raw material, through an upcycling process, using the skins of cocoa beans from Domori plantations as a partial substitute for tree cellulose.

The collaboration between the paper sector of Favini and the food sector of Domori to transform what is a waste product for one into a raw material for the other, has given birth to a new high-quality ecological paper.