Industrial Symbiosis, a path towards green growth


The main objective of the INSIGHT project is to develop a new professional profile: the industrial symbiosis facilitator, who helps transition towards the design of a common curriculum and learning approach. The IS facilitator would be responsible for different tasks:

  • conducting analysis in their area of influence
  • defining and promoting synergies between companies from different sectors
  • capitalising on the benefits of implementing circular economy principles.

The area of influence depends on the labour profile, whether it is at the local or regional level, or within the same technology park, etc.

The project partnership brings together six partners from five European countries (Belgium, Slovenia, Spain, Romania and Italy) from different sectors and with different know-how and expertise (vocational education and training providers, research centres, SMEs and non-governmental associations).

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Main activity field
Main results

Naturally, the final beneficiary of the project will be the companies and society in general, since it will be possible to reuse current waste as raw materials, reducing both waste generation as well as costs, and, therefore, improving the quality of life.

More concretely, the INSIGHT project will have four tangible results:

  1. Industrial Symbiosis Facilitator - Key study based on current knowledge, skills and qualifications regarding industrial symbiosis
  2. a joint curriculum for INSIGHT training course
  3. a training and collaborative platform with the integration of all the necessary didactic materials prepared according to the learning units
  4. a blueprint for industrial symbiosis.