Reconstituting limestone C&D waste into premium/high-quality masonry products

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András Havasi

The University of Malta has developed a patented process that recycles limestone and concrete construction and demolition waste into masonry products. These products have superior mechanical properties compared to natural limestone products. The reconstituted products are also just as attractive as natural limestone. 

The process can make a wide range of shapes, sizes and properties. Building blocks, bricks, cladding, tiles and decorative materials can therefore be engineered to suit customer needs.

Manufacturing companies interested in recycled limestone products can license the technology.

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Main results
  • The University of Malta targeted one of the most voluminous waste streams – up to 25-30% of all waste generated in the EU comes from construction and demolition.
  • They also targeted a key source of this waste in most Mediterranean areas: limestone.
  • Their technology makes it possible to recycle 100% of limestone C&D waste into value-added products. This is therefore a leap towards making the construction industry circular and more sustainable.