Circular Economy Show special: Five universal policy goals to enable a circular economy at scale

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The Ellen MacArthur Foundation (EMF) is pleased to share with you its newly released paper Universal circular economy policy goals: enabling the transition to scale.

The presentation of the five goals to support a common direction of travel in the ever-quickening landscape of circular economy policy development will take place on Tuesday 2 February at 3.00 p.m. (GMT).

A shared understanding of the opportunities in policy to enable a faster transition, will enable the transition to occur at scale and can support innovation in business that will unlock the much needed critical solutions to key global challenges, such as climate change. Alignment in policy will also help to reduce fragmentation, complexity, and transition costs.

2021 is a key year - with economic recovery and development at the top of the agenda, together with the need to find solutions to the pressing challenges of biodiversity loss and climate change in the run up to COP15 and COP26. The EMF will work with its network to call on businesses and policymakers at all levels – international, national, and local – to draw on these goals as the basis for a society-wide transition to a circular economy.