Consulting goes circular with CIRAA

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CIRA Advisory s.r.o.

CIRAA is a company active in promoting circular economy principles and helping businesses ensure that their plans and projects abide by those principles.

One example of its work is the Veolia Place construction project, which will serve as a multifunctional space. CIRAA's task was to implement circular approaches at the bidding stage for the individual parts to ensure that the project was carried out in line with circular economy principles.

In September 2020, CIRAA also organised a conference for its partners and the expert community on the circular economy. This included presentations by IKEA, Coca Cola, Nestlé and Nespresso on their circular projects, along with leading representatives of Czech sustainable businesses, such as Nafigate Cosmetics, Nano Energies and Impact Hub.

The conference showed that the circular economy and sustainability are not just a flash in the pan for multinational companies: they are an integral part of these companies' long-term business strategies.

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According to Jolana Kubátová, Head of Communications at Veolia Czech Republic a.s., CIRAA is a key partner in Veolia's project to create an innovative and circular hub in the centre of Prague. The CEO of CIRAA and her team helped Veolia to define the circular parametres of the whole project: from the criteria for and evaluation of the architectural competition to setting up the future operation of the site so that it makes the fullest use of circular economy principles.