Splosh: Household products in reusable, refillable containers

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Most home and personal care products available in supermarkets or from big brands are still packaged in single-use plastic bottles. Splosh sells its range of products – from detergents and fabric softeners to shower gel and hand wash – in bottles that can be refilled from their concentrated refill pouches.

Buying refills in these pouches cuts plastic waste by 95% but if customers return the used pouches to Splosh, they can be upcycled into new products – cutting waste even further.

Main results
  • Some of the products are concentrates, meaning that water does not need to be transported.
  • Splosh claims to have prevented over 1.7 million plastic bottles being discarded as waste. Reusing and refilling is even better than recycling!
  • The client can also return the used pouches to Splosh that will either reuse them as Crinkly pouches or make them into entirely new products (they are currently testing production of ice scrapers and powder scoops). In this way, plastic waste is cut out entirely.