The 2022 Circular Cities Declaration Report is out!

Cities are hubs of humanity, often fuelling a country’s economic growth and innovation. However, they are also resource and energy hungry. As a result, cities are critical when it comes to helping societies shift to a circular economy.

The 2022 Circular Cities Declaration Report is a very important milestone. Not only is it the first progress report for the Declaration, it also features statements from the 40 signatory cities, providing a very broad spectrum of data.

The report is the broadest ever assessment of circular economy practices across European cities. It shows that considerable progress is being made: half of the 40 cities involved in the programme already have circular economy strategies in place or in development. 

It highlights how our urban areas are becoming circular, but also how the transition can be accelerated. Residents, city authorities, national governments and the private sector all have levers they can pull to help us go circular.

This is just the start. By the end of 2025, the aim is to have 150 cities signed up to this Declaration. Together, the signatories are embedding circularity into European cities!