Circular Economy Day in Luxembourg

On 26 April 2023, the Circular Economy Day event will bring together - in Wiltz Castle (Luxembourg) - all those involved in the transition to the circular economy (CE) at national and regional level. This year's theme is Urban Metabolism - flows and stocks on a city scale.

In order to engage a territory in the transition towards the CE, it is important to have a holistic vision of this territory. It is in this context that urban metabolism takes on its full meaning. This complex concept, which describes the interactions between cities and their environment, makes it possible to visualise a city as a whole in the form of a dynamic system made up of all the resource flows entering, stored and leaving the city.

On 26 April from 10:00 to 16:30 participants will have an opportunity to meet experts in the field of the CE, representatives of municipalities and the State, but also professionals from various sectors (construction, industry, crafts, services, etc.). Participants will be able to attend inspiring lectures, project visits and stimulating workshops as well as to enjoy numerous networking opportunities. It is a unique opportunity to share ideas and connect with people who share the commitment to make the world more circular.

The event will be mainly held in French and German (with interpretation).

More information and registration