FutuRaM | Future Availability of Raw Materials

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The Horizon Europe-funded FutuRaM project (Future Availability of Raw Materials) aims to devise a methodology for improving the raw materials knowledge base. It will cover the availability and recoverability of secondary raw materials, with a special focus on critical raw materials. The project will enable fact-based decision making on the recovery and use of these materials within and outside the EU, and make the resulting data accessible.

The project covers six waste streams which are particularly important in terms of critical raw materials:

  1. batteries
  2. construction & demolition
  3. end-of-life vehicles
  4. mining waste
  5. slags & ashes
  6. waste electrical & electronic equipment.

The project will be delivered by 28 partners from 11 EU countries, from universities to industry associations, working with the European Commission. It is intended to support policymakers and governmental authorities.