Plastics Recycling Technology Conference 2024: improving the quality of reclaimed materials for higher-value applications

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The 6th Plastics Recycling Technology Conference will be held in Vienna, Austria on 1 and 2 October 2024.

Responding to increasing pressure to recycle plastics and add value to reclaimed materials, the plastics industry is changing fast: this event will cover everything stakeholders need to know to stay abreast. It will provide participants with valuable insights into the latest technologies for increasing the volume of plastics being recycled.

Plastics Recycling Technology 2024 will explore ways to improve the quality of reclaimed materials so that they can be used in higher-value applications. Leading experts will discuss advances in plastics recycling systems, from sorting and cleaning through to compounding and pelletisation. They will also examine developments in additives for boosting the properties, appearance, compatibility and processability of recycled plastics, along with circular design for better end-of life processing.