Dutch Register of Electronic Equipment Repairers

Nationaal Reparateursregister
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The online Register of Electronic Equipment Repairers (Nationaal Reparateursregister) was launched in the Netherlands in spring 2023. It enables consumers and (retail) professionals to find professional and skilled independent repairers and refurbishers of electronic equipment who work nearby.

Expert repair of electronic equipment will keep it working for longer, a key building block of a more circular and sustainable economy. The Register was set up by the industry organisation Techniek Nederland and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, in close cooperation with Centraal Register Techniek.

Main results
  • Through the Register, the government and the electronics industry are ensuring that information is readily available, enabling consumers to opt for repairs with a view to extending their items' lifespan.
  • The Register displays recognised repair companies that carry out repairs on product categories subject to the European Ecodesign Directives.