ECESP Leadership Group on economic incentive policies: reflections Summer 2020

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In autumn 2019 the ECESP Coordination Group decided to create focus groups to hold in-depth discussions and deliver orientations on priority topics.

The ECESP leadership group on economic incentives is focusing on incentives with a specific potential for increasing the demand for a circular economy, and on policies and challenges such as circular public procurement, Extended Producer Responsibility, tax shift, CO2 pricing, etc.

Economic incentives are part of sustainable finance, which is an overarching means to transform our current linear economy, including its mechanisms to steer demand towards circular products and services, regardless of the sector.

The group, led by Ecopreneur and composed of EEB, BusinessEurope, IRCEM, FEAD, WMRC, MWE, INEC and Ecoembes, will work on how to realise economic incentives that will create a strong market for circular products and services by increasing the demand for them. They will do so by building on existing knowledge, networks and initiatives.

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