Intherwaste: how to minimize waste in heritage areas

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The INTHERWASTE project aims to improve policies and programmes for the management of waste in heritage cities throughout Europe, which is a crucial aspect owing to the characteristics of heritage city centres, their need to preserve heritage and respect aesthetics, and the remarkable volumes of tourism and economic activities which produce significant amounts of waste. The final objective is to transfer experiences and policies proved feasible in INTHERWASTE to all heritage cities, but also to other urban realities.

So far three thematic seminars had been organised (one on waste deposit in Porto, one on waste selective collection in Krakow and one on integration of waste solutions into the urban décor in Ibiza).

During this fourth and last seminar, moderated by ACR+, different aspects of urban waste prevention have been discussed, with a particular focus on exchanging best practices developed by European heritage cities.

Participants have presented their best practices, grouped under the following headings:

- economic instruments (Cordoba, Barcelona, Krakow, Miravet)

- reuse (Tallinn, Nice)

- composting (Porto, Cordoba)

- campaigns (Warsaw, Ibiza)

- stakeholder cooperation (Tallinn, Porto, Bruges)

The seminar also included study visits to composting sites and special waste collection initiatives in the historic centre of Cordoba. All in all, the event has provided an opportunity for pilot cities who have successfully implemented waste collection projects to explore the multiplication potentials of their respective activities and identify possible obstacles.

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Agenda seminar Intherwaste Waste minimization in heritage areas

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