ProCirc project: creating a toolbox for circular procurement

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ProCirc – Circular Procurement: Accelerate circular economy through procurement power, alliance and capacity building – is a 3.5 year Interreg North Sea Region project that started in 2018, co-funded by the Regional Development Fund of the European Union. It is led by a consortium of 11 partners, including ACR+, representing both public authorities and research institutes.

ProCirc has gathered several tools for circular procurement in a toolbox aimed at supporting public authorities during the various steps of the procurement process. The toolbox will be finalised during the first half of 2020.

ProCirc is a transnational project in the North Sea region set up to experiment, implement and learn how circular economy and procurement can benefit the region. Procuring organisations can stimulate circular economy using their demand to change markets. This will not only have a direct impact on business models, and on the innovation and economic opportunities that suppliers will create, but also on decreasing carbon emissions and the use of resources and closing product and material loops.