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Michal Len

Michal Len
About this contact: 

Michal Len is Director of RREUSE. He joined the organisation in 2011. Michal's expertise lies in policy mechanisms aimed at supporting the role of social enterprise in a circular economy, notably in the field of re-use and repair.

REUSE is an international network representing social enterprises active in the field of re-use, repair and recycling. Drawing on the first-hand experience of its members, RREUSE's mission is to ensure that policies, innovative partnerships and the sharing of best practices promote and develop the role of social enterprises in the circular economy. At the heart of RREUSE's vision for Europe are circular activities that foster social value and create locally inclusive jobs whilst supporting vulnerable individuals. RREUSE federates 31 members across 26 European countries and the USA.

Michal has an MSc in Environmental Policy and Regulation from the London School of Economics and previously held policy and project management-based roles in the public and private sectors. He is also a member of the EU Commission Expert working group on the social economy and social entrepreneurship (GECES).

Michal Len