Design with Biomimicry

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Biomimicry is sustainable innovation. More than ever, nowadays we need the best tools to innovate and face the challenges in a sustainable way. Nature and its living systems create the conditions that lead to regeneration, which is such a suitable definition for sustainable development.

To do this, living creatures use a certain number of principles that we can also use in our design, processes and our organizations in order to make them more sustainable. It is about learning the principles of life and applying them in your business or with your customers.

During this training programme Design with Biomimicry, participants - designers, managers, consultants, engineers, teachers or any other curious people - will learn to

  • Meet the challenges of today and of tomorrow
  • Create sustainable solutions
  • Facilitate decision-making
  • Make their organization more resilient
  • Optimize resources throughout their value chain.

The course details:

  • Duration 6 weeks, with a live Q&A session every week with the biomimicry teacher, Michel Wolfstirn
  • Self-paced and cohort-based course in English or French
  • Online course
  • Coaching / Intra-company training is available
  • Price for the self-paced course: € 900 ex VAT
  • Price for the cohort-based course: € 1300 ex VAT.