KU Leuven's new interdisciplinary postgraduate programmes for professionals on the circular economy

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KU Leuven is starting two new interdisciplinary postgraduate programmes on the circular economy for professionals, where students learn from both academic and industrial experts. The two programmes will be held in parallel and partly together and will start in October 2023. Courses are on site each Thursday (13:30-20:30) in either Kortrijk (2023-2024) or Leuven (2024-2025).

  1. The postgraduate programme Circular economy: business and legal frameworks and opportunities teaches students about the various strategies, opportunities and challenges involved in establishing and implementing a circular business model, taking a deep dive into the business, legal, political and social aspects of the circular economy. This programme is intended for professionals with a Master’s degree and an economic and/or legal background (through education or experience). There is more information in the online folder.
  2. The postgraduate programme Sustainable polymers in a circular economy provides students with specialised knowledge about design for circularity, application and (re)processing and sustainability assessment of sustainable polymer materials and products, as well as the opportunities and challenges involved in implementing a circular business model. This programme is intended for professionals with a Master’s degree and technical experience in plastic processing (through education or experience). There is more information in the online folder.

These courses will assist professionals and organisations in the transition towards sustainable, circular products, services and business.