Alisea: corporate gifts can be circular and promote your image in style

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ICESP, Italian Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform
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Susanna Martucci, Alisea

It is by combining design with recycling that Alisea has found an original place on the corporate gifts market. Its offers beautiful, personalised items that thanks to innovative transformation process, include secondary raw materials such as paper, metal, textile or even graphite - but can be extended to the client's imagination limit.

Alisea provides its customers with ideas to transform the most diverse recycled materials into attractive products. Personalised design allow clients to have materials deriving from their own processing chains, recycled or upcycled into exclusive corporate gifts. The resulting objects always have a story to tell, a story of the client and its core activity.

The Xbag is made with recovered “shading nets” used in agriculture to protect crops

Perpetua the pencil, is made of 80% of Zantech, a coumpound using graphite waste from the industrial production of electrodes

This promotional stationery collection uses client's recycled PET interlining (Kufner) and recycled paper

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Corporate gifts using recycled materials come at a lower cost by saving on virgin material and resources. Turning recycled material into promotional objects, sometimes with a prestigious label, encourages both the clients and the outsourcing parties, to take a new look at circular economy.