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APROEMA Conecta of Galicia

Aproema Conecta

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The APROEMA Connected project began on 28 September 2020. It received funding from the ‘Axudas á Contratación en Organismos Intermediales’ programme, and aimed to encourage businesses to get involved in the environmental sector using circular economy business tables. 

The initiative attracted interest from participating and financing companies such as the global infrastructure and services operator FFC (Development of Construction and Contracts), the Mercadona supermarket chain and the non-profit organisation Ecoembes, which is active in the recovery of packaging throughout Spain. 

The Galician Association of Environmental Enterprises (APROEMA), representing the environmental sector in Galicia, is in favour of the project since it will take effective cooperation by all circular economy actors to close raw material loops and reduce waste. 

APROEMA focuses on helping recycling companies, particularly those affiliated to APROEMA, find specific materials to boost their business, and helping manufacturers and service companies liaise with the recycling industry in order to promote cooperation between the two.

Main results: 
  • Creating a circular business desk for consumer food products, wood or plastics that will continue after the end of the project. 
  • Launching the APROEMA Connect website for recycled products, recovered raw materials and circular environmental services.This website is expected to continue adding new products and become a benchmark for the sector, promoting green purchases by administrations, businesses and individuals.