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From a broken umbrella to a flying kite: a social cooperative that reinterprets discarded objects


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Trieste (Friuli Venezia Giulia Region)

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Textiles, clothing and leather


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ICESP (Italian Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform)
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The Lister Sartoria Sociale cooperative interprets the textile product in relation to the urban habitat, retracing its socio-economic transformations, memories, reworking its codes, styles and materials. Discarded objects, fabrics and garments are collected and reworked, crossing experimentation and traditional techniques. Thus, various lines of bags, backpacks and cases are produced.

Further activity are the workshops aimed at children where, for instance, the recycled broken umbrellas become kites, frisbees and shoppers.

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Main results: 

The Lister Sartoria Sociale (Social Tailor Shop) cooperative, housed in one of the wings of the former Psychiatric Hospital of Trieste (Italy), has been able to:

  1. create jobs for people from disadvantaged backgrounds, currently 3 out of 7 employees, (hence the "social" dimension),
  2. reduce the environmental impact caused by disposed textile materials
  3. constantly raise awareness and involvement of citizens in the fight for waste reduction and respect for the environment, especially through workshops on creative recycling aimed at school children.