Delt Papir: making toilet paper without cutting down trees

Delt Papir
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Delt Papir is a Croatian international manufacturer and supplier of paper products.

It produces items such as tissue and hygiene products for the consumer and professional care sectors. It contributes to the circular economy through its closed-loop recycling procedures. Delt Papir produces toilet paper out of cellulose which would otherwise have cluttered up landfills. The cellulose is recovered in line with eco-friendly principles, without using harmful substances and processes. The result is toilet paper without killing trees.

Delt Papir is also investing in plant-based bio-foil plastic packaging made from sugarcane, which is fully recyclable and reduces CO2 emissions. As if that weren't enough, the company has developed a compact paper technology and tubeless rolls, increasing the size of each roll while avoiding the waste caused by inner tubes.

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  • Full recycling in a closed loop: production waste is collected and processed and the recycled raw material is then reprocessed
  • Fewer trees are cut down to produce toilet paper
  • CO2 emissions are cut due to Delt Papir using bio-foil plastic for its products
  • Its compact paper technology ensures smaller rolls with more paper, which is logistically more efficient
  • Delt Papir has been awarded several environmental labels for its work promoting sustainability.