Feplo: waterproof eco-boards from pressed recycled drinks cartons for use as building material

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The Serbian company Feplo manufactures waterproof eco-boards from recycled beverage cartons.

These eco-boards are used as building material and are made by pressing pieces of recycled tetra pack. The production method is completely ecological since no adhesives are used. The cartons being waterproof, they are excellent for use as an indoor and outdoor construction material. They can be used in roof construction, as panels for walls and ceilings, as plate materials for repairs and reconstruction or as door fillings. Additionally, the eco-boards have great thermal insulation properties and are lightweight.

Waste tetra packs generally end up in Serbian landfills. According to the company, 12 000 tonnes of multilayer carton packaging are generated in Serbia annually. 

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  • 20 kg of discarded tetra packs are used to produce 2.5 m2 of eco-boards
  • The Serbian IMS Institute has tested the eco-boards. It has certified that they could endure physical damage and confirms that they are water resistant. As such, they are optimal for the construction industry.