FOREWEAR - inclusive social enterprise reusing and recycling clothing

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FOREWEAR is a project based in the Czech Republic. It collects unwanted clothing from company employees and donates them to charity organisations. Part of the material is recycled and, together with surpluses from textile industrial productions, is then used to produce recycled products printed with companies' branding.

Companies use these branded products as sustainable merchandise, promotional "gadgets" for special events and gifts for their employees, clients and partners. The recycled products include diaries, organisers, covers for books, tablets, pockets for laptops, shopping bags, wine bags, etc.

This FOREWEAR project also promotes work opportunities for people with physical or mental disabilities, including them in the manufacturing process in sheltered workshops. The company is aligned with SDG #12 on responsible production and consumption.

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  • has collected more than 35 000 kg of clothing and has created more than 20 000 design products since its creation in 2013
  • in 2013, won the international Social Impact Award organised by Impact Hub Prague
  • in 2015, gained the title "Sole Trader of the Year" in the city of Prague
  • in 2014, won its first large-scale company order: 500 recycled diaries in recycled textile covers
  • by 2020, cooperated with more than 70 companies, designing for them unique branded products
  • ensures jobs for 6 seamstresses in a sheltered workshop.