Löfbergs' drive for circular change in the coffee industry

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In Sweden, there is an initiative from the coffee roasting sector which aims to eliminate all waste related to coffee cultivation, processing and consumption by the year 2030.

Löfbergs, a family-owned business, has made circular change part of their new business strategy. They intend to promote a change which they believe will pay off both commercially, socially and environmentally. To achieve the goal of zero waste by 2030, Löfbergs will invite other players, both within and outside the industry, to participate. Löfberg's Circular Coffee Community, which will help eliminate all coffee-related waste, is one step towards a circular coffee sector.

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  • Established goal of zero waste by 2030
  • Important initiatives aiming to deliver the circular economy in the coffee industry, such as alliances with other players from the same industry.