Millor que nou - Repaired to be better than new

Millor que nou
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The “Millor que nou” (Better than new) campaign is an initiative from the Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMB) that started in 2009. It provides people with free support services and access to repair shops, so that they can learn how to repair appliances and objects. Product categories include bicycles, electric and electronic appliances, computers, clothes and furniture.

The campaign and repair shops provide a venue for people to exchange products, using a a point system. The campaign also has a platform where users can search for professional repair shops, secondhand shops and fleamarkets.

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Results per month (on average):

  • More than 2000 people attend the workshops and exchange venue
  • More than 1200 kg of objects brought in for repair, and 800 kg for exchange
  • More than 70% repair success rate.

Results overall since May 2009:

  • More than 16 000 registered users
  • More than 8000 subscribers to the Youtube channel and 4 million hits on the website
  • 95% user satisfaction rate according to surveys.