Residuos do Nordeste: an education and awareness campaign on the circular economy

Residuos do Nordeste
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Residuos do Nordeste, an intermunicipal waste management company based in Mirandela, North-Eastern Portugal, is running an education and awareness-raising campaign called Educar para uma Economia Circular related to the top of the waste management hierarchy: prevention.

The campaign focuses on preventing and reducing consumption and waste, as well as on how to prepare waste for reuse and recycling. It draws on the company’s experience in the field to inform education and awareness-raising actions targeting the general public, local authorities, small companies, the food and hospitality sector, and other audiences as well.

Main results

The priority waste flows targeted by the campaign are organic waste and packaging, in line with two of the main sectors of the EU's Circular Economy Action Plan. Actions include:

  • pilot community composting initiatives,
  • distributing containers for separating organic waste and reusable glass bottles for drinking water, and
  • promoting the use of tap water and less use of plastic packaging.