Soeco: upcycling office furniture

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Dalby, Jönköping & Stockholm
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Technopolis Group
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Soeco Kontorsmöbler is a Swedish company that recycles and refurbishes office furniture. Its goal is to take furniture which would most likely be thrown away and transform it into an item that either looks like or is new. If the furniture is in good enough condition, it's just buffed up; if it's fairly tatty, it can be refurbished or repaired.

Moreover, Soeco also creates completely new products using waste materials and components from the products it dismantles. One key feature is that it sells its products at second-hand prices - a good deal for offices wanting to support their work. Soeco only buys good quality used furniture which is suitable for high-quality recycling and upcycling.

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  • The company refurbishes high-quality office furniture, thereby avoiding waste
  • The materials recovered are sold for a cheaper price than new ones in the market, encouraging offices to support their circular activities
  • Furniture production can be tailored to what the customer wants
  • Local craftworkers participate in the production processes.