Solidarity Computers Initiative

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Mariana Lebre
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Energias de Portugal

The project put in place by EDP company consists in promoting the maintenance of PCs instead of purchasing new equipment. The equipment that can be reused but which does not meet the company's minimum usage requirements, is donated to NGOs or sold, at a nominal price, to employees who request it. Revenues from these sales are granted to NGOs, through Fundación EDP. In the latter case, PCs which cannot be reused are recycled. The purchase prices of the PCs used for employees are 70 euros for laptops and 50 euros for desktops. This amount is forwarded to a Fundación EDP account and donations go to the NGOs indicated by employees. Any employee can request, through a specific platform, computers for an NGO, which will be delivered based on availability. In addition to the enormous help to NGOs, the initiative involves efficient and profitable use of these resources, largely satisfying the personal needs of employees.

Main results
  • In 2015, more than 14 000 euros and 304 computers were donated.
  • Since the beginning of the project in July 2014, more than 26 000 euros have been raised by the sale of PCs to employees and more than 560 PCs have been donated to NGOs.
  • The cost of managing this waste is absorbed in the purchase price of the equipment. However, it has a significant social return.