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Reet Aus
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Reet Aus

Reet Aus is a PhD-qualified fashion designer who founded her own brand, focusing on circular and sustainable fashion. She studied the issue of waste in the fashion industry and developed a way to maximise the sustainability of full production, based exclusively on pre-consumer leftovers.

Advocating for circularity is an integral part of the brand. This led to the development of its own certification, entitled UPMADE®, standing for Reet Aus' standards of production. It includes an upcycling design and production system that enables brands and manufacturers to implement industrial upcycling and obtain UPMADE® certification.

In 2020, the brand partnered with the European Commission Representation in Estonia, the Ministry of the Environment, Uuskasutuskeskus, Hoolekandeteenused AS, Hea Hoog Foundation and the Department of Prisons. The Valuable Upcycling project delivers upcycled products and social impact.

The brand has also sought to reduce the price of its items by up to 50% with the goal of increasing the competitiveness of upcycled products.

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UPMADE® is one of the finalists in Ecolab Award of Circular Economy Digital Disruptor. from Reet Aus on Vimeo.

Main results
  • On average, the items use 75% less water and 88% less energy 
  • Tackles the issue of pre-consumption textiles
  • Encourages market accessibility of upcycled products.