Upcycling Scandinavia: circular products made out of 100% recycled plastic

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Erik Serritslev Jørgensen

Upcycling Scandinavia designs practical objects entirely made out of upcycled plastic. Its products are reusable and can be included in the remanufacturing of new products. In this way, waste is reduced and the consumption of raw material becomes circular.

Not only is Upcycling Scandinavia's production method based on upcycling of waste, but it has also thought about its use of energy to ensure that all resources are used efficiently.

On its website, consumers can find information about the sustainability of products, such as the Karoline chair (see picture below).

The company aims to contribute to Sustainable Development Goals, especially #12 Responsible Consumption and production and #17 Partnerships for the Goals.

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Main results
  • Each Karoline chair is made of 100% of recycled material
  • A chair upcycles 1.9 Kg of plastic waste
  • For each 1 kg waste plastic reused, the company reduces waste by 2.4 kg CO2.
  • At the moment, Upcycling Scandinavia is working on four new 100% upcycled products which will be launched at the end of 2020.