Fundación para la Economía Circular (FEC) Position Paper on EU Plastics Initiatives

Documento de Posición: La Estrategia Europea sobre los Plásticos y la Propuesta de Directiva relativa a la reducción del impacto ambiental de determinados productos de plástico

Fundación para la Economía Circular (FEC)
Publication Date
November, 2018
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Anabel Rodríguez
Jean-Pierre Hannequart

In this position paper, the Spanish Fondacion para la Economia Circular (Foundation for the Circular Economy), summarises the policy initiatives on plastics published by the European Commission in 2018, which includes both the Strategy for Plastics in a Circular Economy and the Proposal for a Directive on the reduction of the impact of certain plastic products on the environment.

Outlining its position, FEC argues that:

  • the plastics strategy is based on ambiguous definitions
  • rigorous implementation of existing legal obligations in relation to plastics is a priority
  • concrete measures reducing single-use plastics require greater precision
  • a coherent policy framework for reducing microplastic is also necessary
  • uptake & depth of quality standards and technological verification should be improved
  • demand-side measures must be developed to stimulate th euptake of recycled plastics
  • a New Plastics Economy requires global action & cooperation