Outline of the circular economy: Netherland's stocktaking report

Circulaire economie in kaart

Activities, such as reusable water bottles, are part of a circular economy
Trudy Rood
Maikel Kishna
Publication Date
May, 2019
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Trudy Rood

In many countries, governments are looking for ways to transform their economy into one that is circular, or to improve the level of resource efficiency (e.g. see the EU programme ‘Closing the loop’ or the World Circular Economy Forum).

To do so effectively, having an overview of the current state of circular activities in the economy is important. To date, such an overview has been lacking. This PBL report provides an outline of the current state of the circular economy in the Netherlands. It also provides information that may be of interest to other countries and presents opportunities and suggestions for subsequent steps towards achieving a circular economy.