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Retaining value in the Swedish materials system

Retaining value in the Swedish materials system - summary of the report in English

Retaining value in the swedish materials system


Material Economics
Publication Date: 
January, 2018

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Per Klevnäs
Angelica Afzelius

The report Retaining value in the Swedish materials system takes a value perspective on the use and recycling of materials in a circular perspective. It analyses the use of materials in the Swedish economy in monetary terms instead of tonnes and cubic metres.

The key questions it seeks to answer include the following:

  • For each 100 SEK of raw material entering the Swedish economy, how much value is retained after one use cycle?
  • What are the main reasons that material value is lost?
  • What measures could retain more materials value, and how much could be recovered? Which business opportunities arise as a result?

This value perspective gives a much more realistic view of how circular the Swedish materials system really is, as it captures all the downgrading effects that occur through its use of materials, in addition to the volume effects that also traditional research approaches capture. The value perspective also turns materials recycling into an industrial innovation and an economic topic, in addition to an environmental topic. To our knowledge, this is the first time anyone has value-mapped a material system in this way. 

Read more about the results and download the full report (in Swedish) here.