5th Circular Change Conference -“Mainstreaming the Circular Economy Mindset”

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This year our 5th edition of the Circular Change Conference will be a “roadshow”, five virtual events based on five partnerships! On 31 August 2020 #EVENT2/5 will take place on Stewarding Sustainability Transformations in Slovenia in collaboration with the 15th Bled Strategic Forum (BSF).
The collaboration with Bled Strategic Forum is the result of joined ambition to engage the whole spectrum of different stakeholders and stress the importance of a systemic, transdisciplinary and inclusive approach in the process of rethinking the economy and society of the future.

Through the entire Circular Change Conference, we are exploring the mindset – how to rethink our values and redefine our patterns, definitions, metrics, habits, decision-making processes. The main focus of the second event is the key European and Slovenian achievements of the systemic circular transition as well as on challenges caused by COVID-crisis. We will take an insight into EU green & circular recovery with some of the top experts. Bridging the top-down and bottom-up approach, introducing circular measures taken by governments as well as circular initiatives launched by citizens.