5th International Conference on Final Sinks

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The 5th International Conference on Final Sinks will be held in Vienna from 8 to 11 December 2019. It will consist of plenary sessions, keynote lectures, and oral/poster presentations.

The conference will address different topics regarding the handling of material flows and stocks from the resource and waste management perspective. Representatives from universities, research centres, industrial or public organisations and governments are welcome to attend the conference in order to share their experiences.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Material Flow Analysis as a tool to design a clean Circular Economy
  • Technologies to remove/lock out detrimental materials during recycling
  • Conflict between recycling goals and human & environmental health protection
  • Case studies on material cycles and contaminants
  • Case studies on assessing the quality of recovered materials from waste flows and deposits
  • Urban metabolism and urban mining
  • Methodologies to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of recycling systems
  • Strategies for reducing contamination of material cycles and providing final sink capacities
  • Legal frameworks as enabler or barrier for establishing clean material cycles
  • Social acceptance of end-of-pipe technologies as final sink for hazardous substances