The 6th Annual ICESP Conference - Critical and Strategic Raw Materials: secondary sources for supply

ICESP Annual Conference
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Rome and online

ENEA, in collaboration with Unioncamere, is organizing the 6th annual conference of the Italian Platform of Stakeholders for the Circular Economy (ICESP) in Rome and online on 5 December 2023 (9:30-16:15 CET). It will serve as a forum for extensive discussions among various stakeholders, including institutional and entrepreneurial entities, to explore ongoing initiatives concerning the procurement of secondary sources for critical and strategic raw materials.

The aspect of procurement is pivotal in accelerating the transition toward a circular economy, offering insights and opportunities within a broad community of experts. The outcomes of the ICESP consultations will be assessed from the point of view of governmental bodies and businesses focusing on this theme.

The ICESP, closely aligned to the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform (ECESP), stands as the most comprehensive and structured community of Italian stakeholders in the circular economy. With its 290 organizations and over 800 experts from local and national public institutions, businesses, industry associations, research entities, and civil society, it serves as a significant hub for circular economy initiatives within Italy.

The ICESP is acknowledged at a national and international level as a benchmark and forum, aiming to collect initiatives, experiences, challenges, and perspectives that Italy wishes to embody and present in Europe. Its goal is to promote the "Italian way for circular economy."

The event will be held in Italian in a hybrid format. Participation is open and free, subject to online registration. Remote participants will receive confirmation of participation and access links for the live streaming one day before the event.

The programme of the conference is available here.