Advanced Technology Policies for Green and Circular Industry

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The COVID pandemic accelerates technological and digital transformation. It also strengthens efforts towards a green transition and furthers the development of circular business models. Policies at all levels need to go beyond delivering solutions to short-term economic problems. This requires good coordination between digital and circular economy policies.

ACLIMA, ATI, EASME, DG GROW and ECESP organised this policy seminar on 10 February at 9:45-12:30 CET to discuss how industrial recovery policies realise a green, climate-resilient economy in the short and long term. How should policymakers foster the shift to a circular economy where advanced and digital technologies play a crucial role? How can digital transformation respect the environment?
The seminar aims to:

  • present national and regional policy initiatives that couple circular economy and advanced technology/digital policies (e.g. related to energy-efficient data centres, green cloud computing, intelligent machinery, AI for sustainability)
  • discuss the results of the ATI project so far and how it can better monitor advanced technologies for the green industry in the future.

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