Can tourism be circular?

Sustainable tourism
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Consumer demand is increasingly shifting towards more sustainable product choices, with many sectors offering more and more sustainable and environmentally friendly products, tourism being one of them.  In the context of the latest European commitments to a circular economy we asked ourselves a question: can the tourism sector become more circular?

BCW has put together a diverse list of panellists representing different actors playing a role in the tourism sector, from hospitality and transport, to the European institutions. Join the debate as they discuss what the sector has achieved so far and could achieve in the future, in view of a new European Parliament and European Commission being established this year.

Time and location: 13 May 2019, 12:00-14:00, BCW, Square de Meeus 37, 1000 Brussels

Speakers include:

Sarah Wilkin, Co-founder and Managing Director of Jet Fuel From Waste

Vanessa Butani, Scandic Hotels Director of Sustainable Business

Brendan Burns, Member of the European Economic and Social Committee

Moderated by Roland Moore, Sustainability Director at BCW.

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