Circle the MED Forum 2022 - How to promote the Mediterranean circular way of thinking

The Circle the Med Forum 2022, taking place in a hybrid form on 23-27 November 2022 and broadcast simultaneously from Athens  (Zappeion Megaron) and Cairo (National Museum of Egyptian Civilization) will build on the findings and recommendations of COP27 and take into consideration the important developments in the Mediterranean Region in regard to energy transition, climate neutrality, zero pollution, and food security.

Circle the MED represents a community promoting the Med circular way of thinking. It has been building bridges between the North and the South shores of the Mediterranean, as well as between the East and the West, through the development of networking, best practices, exchanges and twinning activities, promoting the concept of Circular Mediterranean and enhancing the circular economy model as the one that will ensure a smooth energy transition and the carbon neutrality of the Region.

Agenda and registration