Circular Design with Digital Technologies: a study tour online by CIRCULAR4.0

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The main objective of the CIRCULAR4.0 project is to strengthen digitalisation processes by SMEs to foster innovation processes and accelerate the transition to the circular economy (CE) in the Alpine Space.

Within the project three transnational working groups, consisting of project partners and valuable experts on CE, Digitalization and Innovation for SMEs, were created. They focus on different business models along different stages of the value hill: circular design, optimal use and value recovery business models. Each group invites best practices and experts to share their knowledge and experience around these CE "areas".

The study tour (free of charge) focuses on circular design and production and how it can be supported by digital technologies. Participants need to register here


  • Dr. Rainer Pamminger, Technical University of Vienna: An introduction to Circular Design
  • Dr. Susanne Sollner, Head of innovation and sustainability management burgbad AG: The journey to Ecodesign
  • Giacomo Copani, AFIL Cluster Manager: Roadmap on Circular Economy developed by Lombardy Region
  • R&D Director: Development of a tool to improve product design process and simulation phases
  • Vincent Rojon, Account executive Beelse: Additive manufacturing for circular design
  • Markus Meissner, Project Coordinator BauKarussel: Realises Social Urban Mining

The CIRCULAR4.0 project is funded within the EU Interreg Alpine Space programme, is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (FESR), and will come to an end on 30 June 2022.

For more about the Circular4.0 project please click here.