ECESP Annual Conference Workshop: Circular economy roadmapping

Start/End date

The workshop aims to deliver an overview of concrete insights, proposals and activities needed to bridge top-down and bottom-up approach in the CE roadmapping processes on national level.


  • “From Recovery to Reform” – what is the impact of the report on EU decision-makers?
  • Green Recovery & Circular Economy – what is the role and level of engagement of different stakeholders in the process of defining projects and activities for green recovery (on national level)?
  • National CE Roadmaps – how can they serve as a compass for post-COVID 19 transformational change?
  • Co-creation of new social and economic system – what are the barriers and opportunities to bridging the top-down and bottom-up approach?
  • Membership in CG ECESP – how can we develop the platform to address economic, societal and environmental challenges in the most effective way, through our shared goals and ambitions, the network of networks for knowledge & practice exchange, source of inspiration and information

More info on the programme, follow the link.

Speakers slides

ECESP 2020 Annual Conference