ECESP Annual Conference Workshop: Economic incentives

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The workshop will focus on how economic incentives can be used to create strong market demand for circular products and services. It will explain the crucial importance of economic incentives to create a market for low-carbon circular products and services, and the political challenges to realise them.

Key Questions

  • Setting the scene: Where do these incentives stand and what is their potential to unlock market demand towards circular choices?
  • What are the barriers to and opportunities for rolling out these incentives?
  • What steps and measures at the EU and member state level would be required to make these economic incentives work in practice?

More info on the programme, follow the link. Participants are invited to join the workshop from 11:30 (CET) for testing.

All information about the ECESP 2020 Annual Conference Day 1 and Day 2 can be found here.

Watch the recording of the concluding session of the workshop: