ECESP Annual Conference Workshop - Nudging and beyond: consumers towards circular behaviours

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Join the discussion on the large gap between favourable attitudes, actual consumption of better-performing products, services and engagement with circular activities. Explore ways of bringing effective change towards more sustainable and circular behaviour.


  • How are consumer demands and expectations shifting from a linear to circular products, services and business models?
  • Which existing evidence-based strategies, based on nudging and beyond, could support the uptake of circular behaviours in Europe?
  • Is it possible to turn the existing behavioural science and circular economy know-how and experience into a step-wise process that makes it easier for stakeholders to drive the change? If so, how?
  • Which policy instruments and processes support the circular transition in the interface with consumers and citizens?
  • What are the promising cases that illustrate how retailers, across various sectors, are turning to circular business activities and fostering the adoption of circular behaviours among consumers?

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ECESP 2020 Annual Conference