EREK Poland Workshop: Making recycling of packaging waste a profitable business for SMEs

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Resource efficiency in the waste management sector refers, on the one hand, to the operation of enterprises, mainly SMEs, involved in this system and, on the other, to the outputs of the system as a whole, which goal, according to circular economy, is to maximise the recovery of resources from waste.

Both these aspects are strictly interlinked and translate directly into the quantity and quality of the secondary raw materials, as well as profitability of operations of the involved entities.

When dealing with waste management for profitability, SMEs face important and specific challenges :

  • the need for flexibility in performance of the enterprises, adequate organisation and well-conceived investments;
  • responding to constantly changing market conditions;
  • facing a demand for increasing quality of the secondary raw materials.

The European Resource Efficiency Knowledge Centre (EREK) offers SMEs information and examples of good practices regarding logistics, technology and organisation solutions that allow companies to reduce their operating costs. This workshop will provide a forum for exchange of ideas, lessons learnt and opportunities to problem-solve issues related to improving the overall resource efficiency performance of the packaging waste recycling entities, taking into account:

  • current policies on EU and national level
  • organisational, legal and economic factors, including the extended producer responsibility (EPR); and
  • technical solutions for enterprises contributing to the improvement of their production and resource efficiency.

The event will mainly be in English with translation into Polish.

The workshop, which will be co-hosted by IETU, has been designated as an EU Industry Day Event.

More info on EREK website