Free AIMPLAS webinars on medicine, automotive industry, recycling and low-carbon economy

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Medecine and low-carbon economy

AIMPLAS, the Spanish Plastics Technology Centre, has prepared 4 free webinars on themes related to plastics. They will be presented by the following AIMPLAS researchers:

  • 15 June: Raquel Llorens (Health Group) will cover applications and solutions involving plastics in the medical sector.
  • 16 June: Livia López (Physical and Mechanical Characterization Laboratory) will discuss quality control in plastics for the automotive industry. Quality control is key to achieving objectives in areas such as emissions and the functionality of paints and coatings.
  • 17 June: Pablo Ferrero (Chemical Recycling) will discuss new plastic recycling technologies (chemical, biological, enzymatic and thermal recycling). Complete waste recovery is key and new technologies must also be used to achieve this objective.
  • 18 June: Adolfo Benedito (Decarbonization) will address the issue of plastics and climate change. Apart from reducing CO2 emissions it is important to capture and use the remaining emissions.

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