How to advance the circular behaviours that really matter

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Changes in consumption behaviours and dominant lifestyles are increasingly recognised among the critical levers for the transition to a circular economy, as the success of new circular business models and policy measures largely depends on social engagement.

Most studies and strategies on the circular economy are written from the production and business model perspective. However, public engagement still needs improvement in some areas, and people's role in the process is largely overlooked. This situation is an issue, as users play a crucial role in advancing circular solutions to close material loops. Ultimately, the decision lies with consumers on whether they engage in circular behaviour (e.g. repair, reuse) or not.

What puzzle pieces need to be included to make circularity the rule among most European consumers? What are the critical mistakes made when trying to engage people, and what are the success factors when it comes to helping European consumers adopt circular patterns of behaviour?

The ECESP leadership group on citizen engagement and circular behaviour invites you on 8 May (10:30-12:00 CEST) to an #EUCircularTalks event to explore potential answers to these questions. The event will be the final point of the series of podcasts.

The speakers will take stock of the outcomes of this podcast series, share those insights and discuss findings and perspectives:

  • Odile le Bolloch, EPA Ireland
  • Mark Roberts, WRAP 
  • Sari Laine, SITRA
  • Steve O'Reilly, Rediscovery Centre.


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