How to engage local communities to drive urban regeneration and social innovation

The European Week of Regions and Cities is an annual event dedicated to cohesion policy. It gathers a diverse community of speakers and participants to discuss common challenges and aims at facilitating networking and cooperation between regions and cities in Europe.

In this context, this dedicated workshop will focus on local communities as drivers for urban regeneration and social innovation. How can local communities and neighbourhoods engage citizens in sustainable urban transitions through social innovation and affordable housing?

The EU projects ARV, syn.ikia, oPEN Lab and the FinEst Centre for Smart Cities will present innovative pilot projects where citizens were put in the driver’s seat for urban transition. The projects were carefully selected to represent different European climatic conditions and contexts due to their high environmental, social, and economic sustainability ambitions, and include social housing neighbourhoods and city-level projects.

This workshop deals with the following themes: Urban | International | Energy | Climate and environment | Sustainable | Housing | Education and culture | Circular economy | Research and Innovation.

As an example, the ARV project aims at creating climate positive circular communities in Europe and increasing the building renovation rate in the continent.

The workshop, which will facilitate the discussion and the exchange of knowledge amongst participants. takes place in SQUARE Brussels Meeting Centre, on Tuesday 10 October 2023, at 16:30 - 17:30 CEST.

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