LOOPS#3: A discussion with DACOMAT and FiberEUse!

Veltha is delighted to welcome everybody to this new exciting opportunity to learn something more about composite materials! After peaking in the construction, plastics and textile industries, it’s time to plunge into the design of smart composites and the re-use of recycled ones.

On 22 April (11:00-12:00 CEST), Veltha has invited the project coordinators of DACOMAT and FiberE-Use, two H2020 projects that focus on analysing composite materials by approaching them from two different intertwined aspects: sustainability and circular economy.

Marcello Colledani and Jens Kjær Jørgensen will show their work on the two ground-breaking project innovations! Composites represent attractive materials used for structural applications in sectors like transport, energy and construction thanks to their light weight and high strength and resistance.

However, production defects or excessive loads can cause composites to suffer from sudden brittle failure. Strongly connected to this problem is the difficulty of recycling them. Landfilling of end-of-life composites is still a widespread phenomenon, since their reuse and remanufacture seems to lack significant value. That’s where DACOMAT and FiberEUse come into play. Their aim  is to find a solution for each specific problem. Join the event here and you’ll find out how!