Loops#4: A discussion with REACT and NEW COTTON!

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Veltha is delighted to welcome everybody to this new exciting opportunity to learn something more about the latest research discoveries and circular economy! The textile industry will be at the core of a discussion on 12 April at 11:00 - 12:00 (CET), with an emphasis on the unprecedented benefits that a circular economy approach can bring to this sector. It will be an occasion to talk to REACT and New Cotton, two H2020 projects devising innovative circular solutions for re-introducing textile waste into the loop, and turning the linear economy into a circular one!

The textile industry is currently one of the largest sectors in the world, as it involves millions of people worldwide, both as producers and consumers of textile goods. Despite representing a necessity for people’s daily life, textile production and consumption cause detrimental consequences for the environment, in light of the extensive use of resources like water and land that the industry requires. The growing demand poses huge challenges for the constantly decreasing availability of raw materials.

Reducing the environmental and social impact from textile production and consumption requires a systemic change towards circularity. This episode of Loops will discuss how circular business models can help achieving this change, particularly thanks to the contribution of the REACT and NewCotton projects!

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